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Gift Of Running Shoes – Writing Sample

Dear Friends and Family,

Sorry you didn’t get a Christmas card from us this year. We were going to send one. We had the cards all ready to go and even had a blog friend help us out with the editing of the picture . . . and then it just sort of . . . didn’t happen. While we all know the reason is just plain old laziness, if I told you we were going green, would you believe me? No? It’s the fact that I still use paper towels and paper toilet paper, huh?

There have been a few wrenches thrown into the works of our year, such as my Dad and Step-mother’s thinking they are allowed to get divorced and my Mom and her husband’s thinking they should stay married (I kid. Seriously) but overall we are happy and healthy and that’s all we could ask for. Well not ALL I could ask for, just all I feel comfortable admitting I’ll ask for. (Running Shoes, I ask for expensive running SHOES! And that the Buckeye’s … Read the rest

5 Questions with Susie Bright

Q: What is your preferred environment for writing?

A: My office, when I’m all alone. Or, in bed with my MacBook on a pillow.

I’ve often wondered about writing retreats; they sound so luxurious. But I’ve never been to one.

I can “disappear” with my writing in a crowd. I’ve worked at news desks (back when press rooms were crowded) and at airports, cafés, libraries.

What I don’t like: working on planes. The commerical air systems today rub me the wrong way, every way. I have to take a Valium and read a trashy magazine and listen to music. I feel about as original as a plank; creativity is impossible. My first priority is to keep from going into a rage.

Q: What punctuation mark are you fondest of?

A: Oh, do I ever love this question. In terms of its versatility—the em dash. For handwriting, I always liked drawing question marks and ampersands. In Spanish, I relish that you begin and end exclamations with the same thrilling mark!

Q: What punctuation, spelling, grammar, style, or usage error annoys you … Read the rest